Hey I’m Backpacking Around Europe for a Month or Something


Stroopwafel from my first day in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam → Noordwijk → Berlin → Prague → Vienna → Budapest → Zagreb → Sibenik → Split → Dubrovnik

The decision to backpack around Europe this summer was less an actual decision and more of a weird semi-obligation? It feels strange to go out without a bang, even though I’m tired and want to eat In n’ Out and see my dog and lie in bed. [First world problems much??] Anyway, yeah: I’m done with au pairing, and France in general, and now me, a journal, and a couple of bags are doing the rounds through Europe. Specifically the middle bit, kinda.

These last few weeks kind of just happened all at once, and the lack of updates on this blog are partly due to that. They’re also partly because I plan to travel much less once I get home because I want to prioritize school, so this blog is going into a partial retirement. I’ll still update every time I do anything remotely interesting or travel, just much more casually and usually in this weird journal style with some attempts at jokes. [I have shifted my school of choice to University of Hawaii @ Manoa and want to see more of the States next year so those are all things that will be up here!]

But before all that, there’s… this. I really thought I would have backed out of this trip by now, but I GUESS NOT. I’ll be updating more or less semi-weekly, usually just by city. Shitty hostel wifi will dictate my blogging schedule. Rip.

Anyway, to make this blog post slightly less useless, I’ll leave you with this life tip I’ve picked up from a year of eating baguette and shit in France: take your time, go at your own pace, and don’t let society and others pressure you into doing anything, because it’ll usually be the wrong choice for you. Peace out.

Do you have any [budget] recommendations for any of the cities I’m hitting up this summer?

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3 thoughts on “Hey I’m Backpacking Around Europe for a Month or Something

  1. avoyageonearth says:

    Sounds like such a great trip you have planned – although going to miss the frequent posts- but it makes sense. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities! My tip for Budapest is don’t worry exchanging too much money to HUF because about half the places I went to accepted euros anyway and I lost a bit of money converting back at the end of the trip. It seemed to be smaller, independent places like market stalls actually preferred euros (but that may have just been my experience). ☺️

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