Strasbourg: A Long-winded Photo Diary: Part I

In France, May is hardly even a month at all. With the last two-week PAC vacation of the school year concluding in mid-April, you’d think that the French would finally buckle down and stop with all the vacations, already. I mean, how else is anything going to get done?

Nah, man, we’re in France. Have a bunch of long weekends. 

Anyway, that’s the story of how I ended up in Strasbourg one long weekend. Although within the borders of France, Strasbourg lies within the distinctly Germanic Alsace region. It’s an adorable fairy tale town that delightfully blends the two cultures, but you’ll see that in a second. It was surprisingly chilly, with the occasional drizzle. Here are some of my favorite photos from Day I:





6versaceversaceversace.png 8pinteresting.png



Have you ever been to Strasbourg or the Alsace region?


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