10 Things I Always Do Before Traveling

 We all have our little rituals, checklists, and funny superstitions to help us through a trip.

This is what that is. Here’s a quick list of things to always do before traveling. In GIF form!

1. Make a detailed itinerary [or not].

I’m kind of a freak. I either plan the itinerary by the half-hour, picking all the best places to eat, sleep, and sightsee, or totally ditch the itinerary and just wander around like a lost duck. It really just depends on my mood, but I’ve found that both can lead to amazing, fulfilling experiences.

2. Do your nails.

It’s a pain in the ass to trim your nails/maintain a manicure while traveling, so try to get this done before your departure. Of course, one of those little travel-sized pair of clippers would also be helpful if you’re going on a longer trip.

3. Pack.

This goes without saying, although there are about a thousand different ways to go about this. Making a list usually helps streamline the process.

4. Download music // Make a playlist.

This goes for downloading any movies/shows you may want to watch while on the move as well! I’m the kind of person who pretty much goes everywhere with headphones dangling around my neck, so having mood-appropriate music on hand really helps inspire me as I run around!

5. Charge your devices.

Listen, the battery life on my laptop is already fucked. I need to have a head start if I’m going to get any work done on the road. Get those devices charged, and, if possible, keep them that way!

6. Eat. A lot.

This is especially important for long journeys. Packing some snacks always helps, but having a final good, full meal is a great way to start your trip and keep you energized long enough to get from Point A to Point B.

7. Make a cheap eats list.

One of my main focuses when it comes to traveling is food. Specifically, affordable, delicious, authentic food that you can’t find anywhere else. So before I travel, I like to do a shitload of research on the best cheap eats in the area and plop the best spots onto a map. If I happen to find myself nearby one of my marked places with an empty belly, it makes it about a thousand times easier and cheaper to get a quick meal before running off again!

8. Make a map.

Google’s custom maps feature makes it easy to mark all of your points on interest on a map before embarking on your journey!

9. Get inspired.

Emotional exhaustion tends to hit me right after I finish all of my planning and packing and right before I actually start my trip. When this happens, I like to sit back, relax, and hype up my chosen destination as much as I can, usually by watching vlogs, reading blogs, and, if applicable, watching movies/shows or reading books set in where I’m headed!

10. Double check everything.

Don’t forget your pills, your passport, your tickets, your money, or any of the other little important things that may have just slipped by! [Like underwear. I was in Korea for like, a MONTH and I FORGOT ALL MY UNDERWEAR.]

What are the little things you do right before a trip?

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19 thoughts on “10 Things I Always Do Before Traveling

  1. merveilletravel says:

    I do most of the things you mentioned above as well 🙂
    I usually try to pack as early as possible, around 2 days before, so that I won’t forget anything :’D
    Doing nails and going waxing are also some things that I try to do, because as you said, while travelling, time is short.
    I love planning my itinerary, as well (I’m a german, d’uh), but most of the time I don’t get to do all the things I planned, especially restaurants. But I will try to think of all the things I wanna do on one day, and then also try to match my outfit for it :’D
    Watching vlogs and reading blogs about the destination are one of the best things before the trip ❤

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  2. Evangelina says:

    I make three copies of everything and store them in different places. Copies of our passports, hotel address and itinerary.

    I also try to learn a few words in the local language. Even if it sounds crappy, people will appreciate the effort.

    I also make sure my memory cards are empty and ready to go.

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  3. allysonyj says:

    I have a travel kit that includes duplicates of all the makeup I regularly use, make-up brushes, toothbrush, paste, dental floss, tweezers, nail clippers, aspirin and other basic medication I might need, insect repellent, lotion, soap, q-tips…. the whole caboodle. Before I travel I open up the kit and re-fill the pills, lotions, etc., I make sure the brush and comb are clean, and that there is enough lotion and shampoo to last me for the trip. Then I close it up and put it in the bottom of my back pack – one thing that makes sure I can get by if a checked bag goes astray!

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  4. fortyandeverythingafter says:

    Wow, this is almost word for word what I do before I go off on a trip, right down to whether I decide to plan it at length or just book my first nights stay and then see how the mood takes me. As a previously diagnosed control freak and perfectionist however, I am now finding the liberation of just going with the flow has opened up my experiences tremendously, I would recommend it. thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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