My Quirky Spain & Portugal Bucket List

That’s right, I’m headed to Spain and Portugal this weekend! [Thank you, France, for your bountiful vacation days.] Specifically, ya girl is headed to Madrid, Lisbon, and Porto for a week. Here are some of the things I hope to do while I’m there! A Quirky Spain & Portugal Bucket List, if you will.


Photo credit: Maryge 


-Explore the city with a free walking tour.
-Do a pub crawl and kill the night.
-Ogle at the Palacio de Cristal while wandering Jardín Botánico.
-Ogle some more at Atocha Train Station’s botanical garden.
Stalk People watch at Puerta del Sol.
Sample Spain’s best at San Miguel Market.
-Satisfy my inner chocaholic with churros con chocolate a couple billion times.
-Sip gin and tonic at Ten Con Ten. [Or anywhere.]
-Check out Museo del Jamon.
-Make some international friends/actually try to not be so socially awkward at a hostel.
-Practice my nearly non-existant Spanish.


Photo Credits: Pedro Ribeiro Simões


-Visit the Lisbon Oceanarium.
-Explore the city with [another] free walking tour.
Try some pastéis de nata from anywhere but Belem.
-Do a couple of ginjinha shots.
-Eat some bifana, naturally.
-Browse Bertrand Books and Music.
-Walk around the Alfama district.
-Hop on Tram 28 as early in the morning as possible
-Take a day trip to Sintra.
Eat some travesseiros and quejidas de sintra from Piriquita.
-Catch the sunset from Miradouro de Santa Catarina.
-Have a refreshing paleteria.


Photo Credits: Francesca Gallina


-Do a port wine brewery tour. When in Rome, right?
-Feel the magic at Livraria Lello Porto
-Attempt to eat an entire francesinha.
-Sunbathe at Praia do Carneiro.
-Admire the city at sunset from Miradouro da Vitoria.
-Stare at the walls like a dweeb at São Bento station. [but learn about history while doing it]
-Walk through historical Ribeira.
-Get inspired while sipping tea at Rota do Chá.
-More chocolate. I have a legit list of chocolate shops in Porto for some reason. It just kinda happened.

That’s it for now! As always, if you have any fun suggestions for any of these cities, please drop a comment! [My itinerary could always use some more chocolate.]

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2 thoughts on “My Quirky Spain & Portugal Bucket List

  1. kalenefowler says:

    So for people watching in Puerta del Sol, there is a rooftop bar there that is PERFECT for it… I don’t remember what it is called, but just go inside the ” Corte Ingles” and go to the top floor! Also, there is an AMAZING bakery in Puerta Del Sol called La mallorquina. Also for the churros I’m sure you read in your research but you HAVE to go to Chocolateria San Gines! It is INCREDIBLE and open 24/7

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