My Non-Skiing Ski Vacay in Chamonix

Chamonix Mont-Blanc is a global skiing destination, mostly because it’s a resort town nestled in the Alps. Pretty much everyone you’ll walk by will be either on their way to or coming back from a day of skiing.

Not us, though. For one thing, skiing=money that au pairs just don’t make. For another, skiing is a terrible death sport and I’m amazed that my trip to Mammoth last year didn’t leave me crippled and/or dead.

Anyway, on the week of Valentine’s, my gal pal [sorry] Caroline and I packed our bags, hopped on a bus, and checked into a delightfully adorable AirBnB in Chamonix, surrounded by skiers and other like-minded folks. [By like-minded, I mean people who, for some reason, enjoy hurtling down mountains at 50 kph with nothing between themselves and death but some pointy sticks. Wow, I really am afraid of skiing??]


The window view from our AirBnb


The outside part of our AirBnb

After getting in late, we woke up on the day of Valentine’s to eat breakfast before going back to sleep and actually waking up at, like, noon, to wander into the blinding light of day. We’re actual mole people, I swear.



The cool thing about Chamonix, other than the fact that it’s surrounded by these gorgeous mountains, is that it’s technically in France but is also nestled between Switzerland and Italy. I mean, it’s basically a part of them as well. With the mix of Swiss, French, and Italian cultures and a shitload of thrill-seeking Americans and Brits wandering around, it feels like a global center despite being fairly tiny and isolated.



After galavanting around a super cool partially frozen lake by our AirBnb, we wandered into town to snap more pics and eat some of the best focaccia of my life. [Photo not included.]



local hooligan


Afterwards, to kill some more time, we took a little hike down this snowy trail we found. Verdict: Lots of doggies! As well as slippery, half-melted snow, but hey. You win some, you lose some.


Unintentional model? Or just a weirdo?


These shoes LEGIT almost killed me multiple times, more on that later.

The combination of snow, trees, and fresh mountain air made for such a refreshing break from Paris’ smog-choked urban environment.


Anyway, we headed back to the warmth and safety of our beds pretty early, but with plenty planned for the next day. [Dun dun dun]


I did manage to catch some of those sweet golden hour rays on that same half-frozen lake, though. Damn, those mountains are photogenic.


Annnd that’s it! I’ve been really photography-focused lately, but I swear some au pairing and gap year posts are on their way. After a couple more rounds of posts that are just pretty mountain pics. Stay tuned!

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27 thoughts on “My Non-Skiing Ski Vacay in Chamonix

  1. Sophie Nadeau says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post and your photos are wonderful too! It’s lovely to know that there are things to do other than skiing, even in a ski town! My bf really wants to go skiing but I’m not sure I want to partake in the ‘ski’ bit lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alaine says:

    I love snow and ice! As an avid skier of intermediate capabilities and a former figure skater… this post was funny! I am also afraid of heights but somehow on two skis and being able to control my speed going down a mountain trail is exhilarating and energising. I am totally afraid though but my body’s ability to learn and adapt quickly is a talent I’ve always had and taken for granted. (I’m also a professional choreographer, dancer, dance educator)

    You should definitely try snow shoeing if you’re not going to ski downhill or try cross country skiing. It would be much flatter and less downhill.

    p.s. Your pics remind me of living in the Alps for graduate school! I miss it so much!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Caroline @ The Travelling Sloth says:

    I’m a keen snowboarder but taking a break from the slopes and appreciating the town is always needed. I’ve never been to Chamonix before, but it looks charming. The little window sill outside your AirBnB is so cute and colourful! Your photos are making me miss the mountains again, I must go back!

    Liked by 1 person

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