My Quirky LA Bucket List


Something about living 5500 miles away from home has this funny way of making you appreciate the little things. One thing I do know for sure is that the minute I get back to SoCal, I’m going to be exploring my home a lot more! [Okay, not my actual hometown, but LA, yes.]

Anyway, here’s a quirky LA bucket list of things I want to do the minute I get back home. [Hey, friends in LA right now: HONOR ME AND DO THESE THINGS!]

1. Stargaze at Griffith Observatory. 
2. Browse the Last Bookstore. 
3. Try a macaron at Bottega Louie [to see if it compares].
4. Snap a pic in front of Melrose Avenue’s pink wall.
5. See the city skyline from City Hall’s Observation Deck.
6. Pose in front of LACMA’s lampposts.
7. Explore the Venice Canals.
8. Watch a [free] movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
9. Be a kid again at Santa Monica Pier.
10. Tap into my full foodie potential at Santa Monica’s Farmer’s Market.
11. Explore Angel’s Flight Railway.
12. Hike to the Hollywood sign. Or Hollyweed sign?
13. Do a taco crawl.
14. Just straight up road trip to Disneyland. [A bit of a cheat since it’s Anaheim, but ‘eey.]
15. Spend a day at Universal Studios. AKA scarier Disneyland.
16. Relax at Huntington Gardens.
17. Blow even more of my money at the Caravan Book Store.
18. Try the Sprinkles cupcake ATM.
19. Drive up and around Mulholland. 

As always, this list will be continuously updated, so tell me what your favourite LA spots are!

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11 thoughts on “My Quirky LA Bucket List

  1. maxine says:

    AH i am a few pages deep in your archives and i’m literal heart eyes at everything. more accurately, i’m heart eyes and exclamation points at everything (these aren’t really proper emotions/feelings and somewhere a baby boomer is shaking his fist at me the dirty #millennial) – i can’t believe you live in france! that is so cool! also, i’m from california too! northern california, but CA all the same, and it feels cool seeing someone similar to me doing cool things. anyway THANK U for this list of socal to-do’s, my boyfriend’s from huntington and this summer we’re trying to road trip down and do the socal tourist thing, so this’ll be super helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

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