The Best Cheap Eats in London

If you’re in London for a bit and don’t want to spend atrocious amounts of money on food, I’ve got you covered. Since I’m just the slightest bit food-obsessed, I spent hours prior to my trip combing through listicles, blog articles, and reviews trying to find London’s best cheap eats. Here are the results of that list.

phatphucismylife.png 1. Phat Phuc Noodle Bar [Vietnamese]

Listen… No, listen. I know I rave about this place, located in an indiscreet location in Chelsea, pretty much constantly. Yes, I am aware. But until you have tasted that perfect, warm broth with just the slightest hint of ginger, scarfed down the stomach-warming combination of meats and veggies and slurped down to the very last drop of soup, you have not lived. YOU HAVE NOT LIVED. Get their pho and take a seat in their cozy heated dining pavillion with a friend. It’s a massive bowl of filling food for £7, and I literally went there twice during our one-week trip. Oh yeah. It’s that good.

Address: 151 Sydney St, Chelsea, London

Tip: Like most places in London, vegetarian options are available. Also, spring for their custard buns. You get two for £4 and they are made with just a bit of coconut and are totally delicious. 

camdenlockmacncheese2. The Mac Factory

By far, this is the best mac n’ cheese I’ve ever tasted. Rich, creamy, and about £5 a pop, it’s filling enough to comfortably share one cup between two people and perfect to warm up with on a slightly chilly day.

Address: Camden Lock’s food market, 7 days a week.

27lononnight3. Dumplings’ Legend

Although the soup dumplings here aren’t as good as some you’ll find in Shanghai, they certainly hit the spot at £6 for 8 dumplings.  

Address: 15-16 Gerrard Street

Tip: If you’re still hungry afterwards, dip into a nearby Asian bakery and grab some bread at £1-2 apiece!

boomburger14. Boom Burger

Jamaican-style burgers at a reasonable price? Sign me up! Although the burger was delicious and wonderful, the plantain fries are really what did me in. While the burgers themselves are slightly on the pricey side [around £9], a heaping carton of fries will only set you back about £3-£4.

Address: 272 Portobello Rd

Tip: Seriously, those plantain fries are worth it.

5. Herman ze German

This tiny, unassuming hole in the wall may not seem like much, but if you need a quick bite that fills you up and tastes awesome, their currywurst and frites is the bomb. Plus, it’s dirt cheap. You’re welcome.

Address: 19 Villiers St

6. Bibimbap Soho

Giant servings of Korean food, most available for under £10. While the bibimbap [rice and veggies that you mix up in the bowl with a healthy serving of chili paste] is what the place is named for, the bulgogi I had wasn’t too bad, either.

Address: 11 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DJ, UK

hache7. Haché

Although the burgers at this French-style joint are gourmet [and therefore slightly pricier, around £10] they still make for a very affordable [and delicious!] meal. #howtoeatfancywithoutpayingfancy 

Address: 153 Clapham High St // 37 Bedford Hill // 329-331 Fulham Road // 147 Curtain Rd

Tip: Go for a rasher of their sweet potato fries, if you can. They’re chunky, crispy, and delicious with ketchup.

8. Primrose Bakery

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the cheapest of cheap eats, but for a couple of pounds, you can try one of these incredible cupcakes. The menu has some fixed items, but some cupcakes are only available on certain days/seasons, so you’ll keep coming back for more.

Address: 282 Kensington High Street

Tip: Check the weekly menu to see what special cupcakes are available which days! For example, two of Sunday’s specials were apple crumble and green tea.

Honorary Mention: 

I didn’t get the chance to try any of these places myself, but they’re on my list for when I return to London!3boroughmarket1. Bread Ahead’s doughnuts at Borough Market
2. Homeslice’s pizzas in Shoreditch and Covent Garden.
3. Caribbean food at Bamboula Kitchen in Brixton.
4. Shoryu Go’s ramen in Soho.
5. The Potato Project’s… potatoes in Soho.
6. Arancini Brothers’ rissoto balls all over the damn place.
7. Ribs from The Rib Man, Sundays only at Brick Lane Market.
8. Pieminister’s British pies in Clerkenwell and Southbank, from the looks of it.
9. The Hummingbird Bakery for American-style pastries in Soho and Chelsea.
10. Pizza East’s ‘rustic’ pizzas on Portobello Rd.

Do you have any favourite cheap eats in London? Comment below! 

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12 thoughts on “The Best Cheap Eats in London

  1. yodandalek says:

    Love this post, we’re always looking forward to the next place to eat in London without breaking the bank!! 🙂 Our recommendations not on your lists are Kanada-Ya (Ramen, St. Giles, reach by 11:45 am for min queues), Lahore Kebab house (basic decor but legit Indian food) and Assa chinatown (Korean).

    We have a few other recommendations on our blog but they’re slightly higher end. Check them out if you’d like 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tooting Hustle says:

    Omg this piece is amazing! great photos, well written and I like the rating system at the end of each restaurant! I’m a student living in London and this will definitely come in handy for future eats – Following!

    If you’re interested in Charity shopping in South London, I’ve just written a review on Octavia Foundation, Tooting. Have a read and spread the word on the good work that they do:

    Happy blogging x


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