London: Day 6: Music, Markets, and Mayhem

We were only an hour late today! [And I’m only about two weeks late with this post.]

In the itinerary we spent hours on prior to this trip, there is a listing for ‘9:00: Eat breakfast‘ every day. Unfortunately, this happened exactly 0 times. Still, we had the breakfast/lunch/snack [brunack?] of champions over at Camden Lock today, which made the late meal worth it!



Camden Town was somehow the most touristy area I’d seen in London, mostly due to the rows and rows of street vendors hawking keychains and magnets and other London-themed trinkets. The overall feel you get as you walk down the street is reminiscent of a theme park, and by that I mean Universal Studios, not Disneyland.


It’s entirely possible that all of the Halloween stuff everywhere contributed to that, but I digress.


We made our way further into Camden and towards the food market. I’m lowkey in love with all of London’s food markets, and I wish we had something similar in France. The one in Camden Lock is right by the canal [sort of, there doesn’t seem to be any real arrangement] and mixed in with a bunch of other things, like scarf stalls and homemade candles.



We started with what was possibly the world’s greatest mac n’ cheese. I swear, I’ll be trying to recreate this exact recipe for the rest of my life. The simplest four-cheese mac from London’s The Mac Factory was piping hot, gooey, and perfect for the slightly chilly weather.


We chased the pasta with some fancy-ass sodas from Square Root London. After some more wandering and eating [of course], I was able to get some nice shots. Camden Lock is a really interesting place to just get lost in, seeing as there’s so much going on and a lot of opportunities to empty those pockets, if you know what I mean.


Case in point: Dutch pancakes that just smelled too good to resist.



Abbey Road was sort of on a whim, since our schedule for the trip was getting looser and looser every day, but that was our next stop! There’s quite a lot going on for such a small space, from the legendary crosswalk [of course] to the studio itself, along with the gift shop adjacent to it.


I’ll be honest: I have no idea who this guy is, but that’s a pretty photogenic walk pal

There also happens to be a wall where people can legally graffiti their tributes, as well as things like this. #same



Afterwards, we pretty much just wandered around, finding a random spot for tea in the area. [We ended up lingering in the warmth for so long that our waiter paid.] Sitting by the window, sipping tea, and watching the sun set while we talked about the most inconsequential topics in the world felt more quintessentially French than anything. I guess home follows you wherever you go.


Somewhere along the line, we finally hauled ass and got on a bus to find dinner. I had a very specific goal, and it was to find good Korean food, since I’m pretty sure French people haven’t gotten the memo that it exists yet. I’d heard good things about Bibimbap Soho, so that’s where we headed.


After not tasting the food of my people for months, a simple bulgogi and rice dish [right] wound up being one of the best dishes of my trip, and a great way to end the day before heading back to the hostel. Objectively, yeah, it’s not as good as mom makes, but I’ll take what I can freakin’ get.

I’ve created a portfolio for my photography, since I take a million pictures every time I step outside and can never feature everything I want to here! If you’re interested, go ahead and check it out.



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