London: Day 4: Shoreditch Shenanigans

TO THE SURPRISE OF MANY, Caroline and I woke up early today! We still ended up leaving very behind schedule, but we’ve found that our itinerary has been leaving way to much room for walking. [Note that while London seems like a formidable city to walk around in due to sheer mass, as long as you keep within the same group of neighbourhoods each day, everything is perfectly walkable.]

We started out our day bright and early at a coffee shop near our hostel for breakfast. I finished up yesterday’s blog post [yes, I know] and got the chance to chill a bit before heading out.


Our first stop for the day was Shoreditch’s Pump Street Food Market. It’s a cute little place right by the metro stop with a rotating selection of unique food vendors and eating options.



There were a ton of options and all of them smelled amazing, but I settled for this massive serving of popcorn chicken [there’s salad underneath so I wasn’t totally disgusting].


For dessert, I couldn’t help but get a bubble waffle and honeydew boba from the Nosteagia stand. Bubble waffles originated in Hong Kong, and I’ve never seen them in Europe before, so I was pumped! I went simple, with a scoop of matcha ice cream, and it totally dripped all over me but was so worth it.



We walked around Shoreditch for a while without much of an agenda. It’s a bit like the Brooklyn of London, as in the epitome of an up-and-coming hipster neighbourhood. Again, the character here is totally different from the rest of London. Even the street art feels different.graffiti2.png


Of course hipsters love thrift shops, and one of our agenda items was to basically just go thrift shopping in Shoreditch! It’s definitely kinda pricey in some places, but there are some amazing deals that you wouldn’t find anywhere near Paris.


I ended up buying some random things an a cropped denim jacket that looks adorable on me. Happy in my new jacket [which I was wearing underneath my old one, since it’s chilly out] I accompanied Caroline to The Cereal Killer Café, which sells about a billion different types of cereals, both British and imported. It’s definitely something different and unique, and seeing a place so enthusiastically decorated for Halloween alongside all of the American nostalgia stuff made me feel right at home.




Our last major stop for the day was the Geffrye Museum, which is a small charity museum that features authentically decorated rooms from different periods of history. It sounds kinda strange, but it’s really neat, quick to go through, and free!



Our dinner was French-style Haché, which was one of the pricier places we’ve eaten at here in London, but wound up a) being cheaper than an equivalent French place and b) being totally delicious.



We’re currently just chilling at a coffee place/bar, trying to avoid going back to the hostel. It’s been a dreamy day in Shoreditch, and I’m having the time of my life in London! See ya next time.

As a quick side note, I’ve created a portfolio for my photography, since I take a million pictures every time I step outside and can never feature everything I want to here! If you’re interested, go ahead and check it out.



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