London: Day 1: From the Backseat III


17:25: I’m currently sitting in a bus with my laptop awkwardly propped up on my knees, but hey, free Wifi!

18:30: The Wifi had a usage limit and I’m already out. God help me.


It’s currently 12 PM, and I’m sitting here in my first hostel on my first trip to London. Lots of firsts! We spent most of the day hurtling through the French countryside, enjoying the fall foliage and a bucket of candy.


We spent about 7 hours on the bus, with occasional rest stops, and wound up in London just shy of 10 PM. Nothing particularly interesting has happened, other than some successful adventures on the Tube and discovering that UK Netflix has Guardians of the Galaxy. However, I did keep up my tradition of taking a bunch of blurry photographs from a moving vehicle, so here they are! ftbs2ftbs4.png




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2 thoughts on “London: Day 1: From the Backseat III

  1. allysonyj says:

    back in the day when I was hitchhiking from Dover to London, before the Chunnel was available, the main road ran directly past Stonehenge, looming mysteriously in the morning fog on an empty plain. If you had seen it you would be more excited about pix from a moving vehicle, I am sure! Looking forward to some London adventures!

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