Trip Planner: My London Bucket List

Confession: before moving to France, I’d never been to a European country before. All of my traveling has been within North America and Asia, but now that I’m here, I fully intend to take advantage of my time! [And my money.]


My first out-of-France destination this year is London. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit, and it’s so easy to access from France that it’s ridiculous. [Plus, I’m excited to speak English every day again.]

-See the sun set over the city on the London Eye. The one thing I’m splurging on, really, since the theme of this trip has been ‘making it work with an au pair’s salary.’

-Do all of the touristy things. But don’t pay money for any of them. I mean, it’s not like the interior of Big Ben is going to be recognizable on Instagram. [Also it’s ridiculously difficult to get inside of that one, so bad example.]

 -Have a proper afternoon tea. Cliché, I know, but I’m in it to win it, folks. Also, I just love tea.

-Participate in a pub quiz. Trivia night was something I did back in California with my friends and have been missing a lot. [Especially the part where we always won money] 

-Spend some time at the Borough Market and sample tons of food. I’m a huge foodie, as you can probably tell, and just being in proximity to all that food will probably be one of the highlights of my trip.

-See all the museums. Okay, maybe not all of them, but since so many of London’s museums are completely free, I’m going to try to get to as much as I can!

-Visit the Jane Austen’s House Museum. It’s a bit of a ways out from London itself, actually, but we’re making a day trip of it, and the Pride and Prejudice loving dweeb inside of me is thrilled.

-Visit Chelsea, SoHo, and Shoreditch. [Not all at once.] Three very trendy neighbourhoods with tons of neat stuff to check out? Count me in.

-Get a boba in Chinatown. I love all Chinatowns, and I also love boba.

-Literally just eat food. While Paris is frequently touted as Europe’s gastronomic super star, if not the world’s, London has a diversity of cuisine that I find Paris just seems to lack at times. Yes, you can find really good French food here, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a decent sushi place that won’t grind your wallet up into tiny little pieces. Good food from all over the world is readily available and cheaper in London, and I am all for it. [But yes, I am going to miss my host mom’s French-style home-cooking. Mwah.]

Anyway, those are my goals for this trip! It’s either too ambitious or not ambitious enough [I can never decide] but I’m determined to get everything done before we have to come back next weekend. Stay tuned, I’ll be doing my best to make daily posts from the trip!

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6 thoughts on “Trip Planner: My London Bucket List

  1. m0dernm0nkey says:

    I come from London. I suggest the tea room and pub quiz bust to be outside of Central London unless you can afford afternoon tea in one of the top hotels. In a village preferably, maybe when you take your Jane Austen venture.

    Liked by 1 person

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