Yaps About Gap #6: A Foodie Weekend

Food has been kind of a recurring theme on this blog lately, but can you blame me? I’ve actually been making a food map [don’t judge] for my upcoming London trip, so this isn’t a France-exclusive issue. I just really love food.

Anyway, on Saturday, I had plans to go to the Louvre with some friends from Versailles. [Properly this time.] We had this whole plan and a time to meet at the station and everything! But then, in a truly predictable Sweater Giraffe fashion, I accidentally overslept, missed the train, and ended up being around four hours late. So no, I didn’t go into the Louvre this weekend [no big, since I live here and will eventually] and wound up rendezvousing with the girls at a Pizza Hut by Les Halles.

Around that time, my stomach had the brilliant idea to run to find Boneshaker Doughnuts, which I’d seen on Instagram accounts dedicated to food in Paris. [My hobbies include looking at pictures of food.] It’s a cool store in an area full of cool stores, and I’d definitely go again, but unfortunately, I ran in about half an hour before they closed and discovered that all they had left was one brownie. 


I mean, it was pretty delicious, but I felt bad about my meagre offerings and stopped by a random pâtisserie and grabbed four macarons to share. 


After that, we split into groups of two–my friend Jenny and I decided we wanted to try a frozen yoghurt place I’d run past [and had also, coincidentally, seen on Instagram] and the other two split off to grab one of Amorino’s rose-shaped gelato cones. 



[They were pretty melted by the time we got back together, but you get the gist.]

Our agenda for the night [and the only reason I’d come to Paris at this point] included an Au Pair Speed Dating meet-up thing in Saint Germain. Along the way, I caught sight of the famous Café de Flore, which was once the stomping grounds of minds like Camus and Picasso. Now it’s mostly just ridiculously over-priced, but the exterior is beautiful!


In short, I had a good time, met a lot of people, stayed out way too late, and ended up sleeping over at a random au pair’s apartment with a bunch of other drowsy out-of-town au pairs and two of my friends.

On Sunday, the three of us took a train at around 8:30 AM to get back to Versailles. After grabbing some groceries, we parted ways, and I napped for what felt like five seconds before getting up again to go meet up with Jenny at the marché and retrieve my belongings.

There’s a farmer’s market here in Versailles several times a week, and it’s about a fifteen minute walk away from my house. I love going on Sundays after a night out and just drinking in everything has to offer. There isn’t anything quite like it in Paris, and all of the vendors are wonderful and friendly with hapless Anglophones such as myself and whoever I drag with me. I’ve written on the subject a bit before, and I will again, just because I’ve fallen into the habit of going every Sunday and I’m lowkey in love with the place.

Anyway, this time I have proper pictures.


The vendors pick out the best of the produce for you, and everything is super fairly priced and delicious. If you’re buying your produce from places like Monoprix, you’re just doing it wrong.


There’s also a ton of stuff that isn’t produce! I actually got a delicious rose-flavoured Turkish Delight, along with a free sample of something wrapped in pita. Both not pictured, obviously.


After the marché, I got some more macarons to share, since good macarons are rapidly becoming an addiction.



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