Highlights: 1 Month of French Food

Ah, French food. I’ve been eating a lot of it, which is probably terrible for my wallet. [But great for my taste buds!] French cuisine is world famous for a reason, and while I haven’t exactly been slurping down the escargot, I’ve been eating a lot of pastries, dude. Anyway, here is a little compilation of some of the foods I’ve consumed [and photographed] while here.

[Note: This is not an accurate representation of my current diet, because if it were, I would be dead.]


Tarte aux épinards: Basically like a spinach pastry! The first food I bought here in France.


Crepe with caramel and almonds.


Chocolate Éclair.


A savory breakfast galette with egg and sausage.


A sweet dessert crepe with honey and lemon.


Matcha boba from Zen Zoo!


Angelina’s chocolat chaud, had me sick for like the rest of the day but was so worth it.


Ladurée macarons!


Ladurée’s rose macaron. I love flower-flavoured anything.


Ladurée also has all of this.


Cutest little macaron place in Paris with a gorgeous window display.

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