Highlights: Centre Pompidou


Alternate title: museums make me sleepy.


The Centre Pompidou sticks out in the picturesque Paris skyline–it’s a giant, rectangular building that always struck me as almost half complete, with its exposed metal beams and clear escalator shafts jaggedly making their way up the side. It serves as both a modern art museum, a library and, apparently, a music center. I spent the day in the modern art section of the building.


While the Pompidou isn’t exactly one of Paris’ most famous art museums [I mean, this is the city that’s home to the Louvre, the Orsay, and about a million others] it’s the first museum I’ve visited since moving to France.


Prismes électriques – Sonia Delaunay

This is a recent development for me, but I enjoy art museums. I have distinct memories of being dragged, kicking and screaming, to the Getty when I was a kid–I resented any museum that didn’t involve animals–but now that I’ve grown up and gotten into art myself, I have more of an appreciation for places like the Pompidou. It helps that the place itself is super interesting–all of the works are neatly categorized, and they always seem to have something weird going on, like an entire section devoted to works from and about Soviet-era Russia, as far as I could tell.



Gloire au PCUS – Erik Bulatov

There is definitely something unique about wandering through a museum on your own, trying to count the brush strokes in each painting. You get lost in yourself and the art, and time starts to lose meaning. [Also, you come out speaking exclusively in clichés.]


Luxe, calme et volupté – Henri Matisse

If you’re ever in Paris and want to hit up an art museum a bit more off the beaten track, definitely check out the Pompidou! It’s conveniently located by Les Halles, and ticket prices are around 14€ for non-EU citizens. [Although I managed to get mine for free by being with an EU citizen.]


276 (On Colour) [Yellow] – Joseph Kosuth

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