Snapshots: 12 PM

Going out to Paris to grab a bite for lunch with friends before school or work isn’t exactly convenient with my commute. Still, I have a lifetime of near-perfect attendance under my belt, and skipping a day of class didn’t seem like too big of a deal. So, last Thursday, I hopped onto an early train and made my way over to the city to meet up with some friends and have lunch.

Paris is rife with parks, and the Bois de Boulogne is the second largest of the bunch, hosting attractions like a zoo, racetrack, and amusement park. [Of course, I’m learning most of this now through Wikipedia.] Despite all of that, it is fairly quiet on weekdays, so all we did was find a quiet spot on the edge after wandering around in search of a conveniently located pâtisserie. You know, normal Paris hood rat stuff.


Other than a group of cheerful local teenagers that cleared out pretty quickly, this little spot in the park was completely empty, save for our little trio.


We sat and talked and enjoyed our respective lunches for a bit–I swear that I had more than this eclair, but the eclair was so good that I legitimately don’t remember what else I ate. Whoops.


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