Yaps About Gap #4: Château de Versailles


My current home, Versailles, is known for pretty much one thing–the 2,000 + acre palace and garden grounds known as Château de Versailles. It’s about 20 minutes away from my apartment by foot, and I get a glimpse of it basically every weekday morning as I take the trek to school. Last Sunday, I grabbed a group of friends and went to go visit it for the first time.


Despite the overcast weather and the fact that tourist season has passed its peak, there were enough people milling around to make for a pretty tight squeeze. The cost for a day of exploring the palace alone, not the gardens, is 15€, but ‘passeports’ for around 18-25€ are also available. If you’re under 18 or an EU citizen under 26, you’re granted free admission, but the rest of us at least get these pretty tickets!


If you’re looking for something to eat afterwards, the palace has a Ladurée and an Angelina within its grounds, but I’d recommend leaving and going out into the city itself, as there are tons of charming, authentic little places around town to eat for much less. That morning, right before we hit up the palace, we stopped for a brunch/lunch at a crêperie right by the palace grounds. 

Unfortunately, since we’re in the practice of just finding a place and walking inside, I’m not entirely sure what the place was called. However, my meal of two crêpes [one breakfast sausage, one honey and lemon] was well under 10€, as compared to a cup of tea I had at the Angelina within the palace grounds for around 8€. The math doesn’t lie.


Since we mostly just wandered, unguided, around the palace for the rest of the day, the remainder of this post is pretty much self-explanatory. If you’re at all interested in decadent architecture and the grandeur of French court life, please, give yourself a day to take a trip out to visit! I’m personally looking forward to the day I get to explore the gardens, which are massive and seem marvelous. Anyway, here are some pretty pictures–have a nice day.




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