Yaps About Gap #2: Glimpses of Paris

Today felt like five days squished into one, in the best possible way.

I woke up bright and early to catch a 9 AM [ish] train out to Paris for a small meet-up. It was my first time venturing outside alone, my first time taking public transportation in France, and my first time in Paris. Despite all of the uncertainty swirling around me, I managed to make it to the meeting with all of my limbs attached. Success! After the meeting we even walked around a bit, and I came face-to-face with my first landmark. [Well, first landmark that I had time to snap some shots of.] Here’s Le Louvre!



After that, it was a bit more wandering around before we settled on one of the many pastry shops populating the city [Aux Castelblangeois, according to the napkin I saved] and settled down in Tuileries to eat. I ordered a little tarte aux épinards for about 2€, and didn’t even finishing it. [???]


Getting back to Versailles after lunch wasn’t difficult, but that was when my troubles started. I wound up being about an hour late to French class, which was fine, but then couldn’t find the correct bus stop after to get to my kid’s school to pick her up. After a fairly long misadventure, everything turned out alright, and I even managed to find the proper bus stop to go back home afterwards without getting too turned around! The sun was just starting to set as I was waiting for the evening bus, so I took a few pictures of the area just for the lighting.


There we go! It hasn’t exactly been a seamless day, but I feel more confident navigating the area and Paris on my own now, which is what’s important. I hope you enjoyed this little photo diary of mine – I’ve been trying to resist the urge to be too touristy and snap dozens of photos with every step I take, even though I’ve been taking my camera everywhere. [My camera bag is currently doing double duty as a purse.]

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10 thoughts on “Yaps About Gap #2: Glimpses of Paris

  1. parisianprincessca says:

    Hey. Just wondering what class you are in, as in time period? 9-11 or 13:30-15:30. I am in the 13:30-15:30 time period and I have tomorrow morning off, Im eating to explore Versailles a bit near the school ( apparently there is a Starbucks). If you aren’t busy and want to do something let me know! Sorry, I know it’s last minute 🙂

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