Humpdate: Snapchat + FAQ Fridays


Three days left until my flight!

I’m now pretty much in full France mode, so I figured I’d put out two new things! Because now is the time for new things, apparently.

I’ve been a Snapchat user for a while now, but mostly for just goofing off with friends. However, since my goal is to basically document as much of my time abroad as possible, I figured I’d integrate my Snapchat use into… that.

Basically, add me on Snapchat for updates, random videos and photos, and more! It’ll mostly be me goofing off in France, but it seems like a fun platform to extend my blogging reach through. My username is [predictably] sweatergiraffeso check it out!

In addition to that, I’m opening up an official FAQ Fridays segment. Basically, I’ll be gathering up the questions you guys have for me every Friday and answering them in blog post form. You can send those questions to me through the comments, my email, or various social media, now including [you guessed it] my Snapchat! Questions are pretty much open to any topic, including but not limited to au pair life, gap year survival, boys, and basic travel tips and recommendations!

Well, that’s it for today – I’m planning on a video about packing for long term trips that’ll go live around the time I actually leave, so I’ll keep you updated!

As always, keep an eye out for the #yapsaboutgap tag on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, as well as this blog for more gap year and Au Pair stuff!

As a reminder, I now have an official email subscription list! If you subscribe, you’ll be updated every time I make a new post, and you’ll have access to fun things like virtual postcards, random weird stories, and ‘secret’ photography! Subscribe here!

Happy Hump Day!




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