I’m Moving to France!

Alternative titles include ‘protect me I’m an infant child’ and ‘Bureaucracy is a Special Kind of Hell.’

Anyway, after writing and rewriting this post about a thousand times, I figured I might as well go ahead and just announce it. I’m officially moving to France! 

Specifically, I’m going to be living in Versailles for the year to be a jeune fille au pair. The family I’ve been matched with has been super kind and helpful so far, their kids are adorable, and I get a studio all to myself, [yass] so I have high hopes for the year! I’ll be writing about my experiences a lot, [as well as vlogging] but I’ll of course be keeping the privacy of the family a priority, so don’t expect any juicy gossip.

It’s been a weird and bumpy ride, mostly because I ended up applying and getting all my paperwork in really late in the summer, but I just submitted my visa application yesterday and I booked a flight for September 3rd, so unless all of my weird paranoid fever dreams come true and my visa is denied, I’m jetting off for France in two weeks!

Up until then, I’ll be spending the days leading up to the actual start of my adventure writing/vlogging about packing, basic survival, and more. [Mostly packing, because I have about a million books and can only pick about 5 to take with me, which is honestly a crime.]

So basically, the point of this post is to just keep everyone up-to-date on my whereabouts, and also open myself up for suggestions on future topics to write/vlog about! So if you’ve ever considered being an au pair or are just curious, shoot me a line here or at thesweatergiraffe@gmail.com and tell me any and all questions you might have.

If you’re interested in following my Au Pair Adventures as they continue, keep an eye out for more #yapsaboutgap musings, mutterings, and more on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, as well as this blog!

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