What To Eat at a Disney Park Ft. Kris


Hi. My name is Lynn, and I don’t know anything about Disneyland.

Okay, well, I know some things, but I also have friends. And one of my friends is pretty much the master of all things Disney, because she’s amazing. Everyone, meet Kris. She is now your Disneyland guru, and I, being a member of the uninitiated, am now going to ask her a couple of questions about what to eat at Disney parks around the world.


Technically not food but I REALLY LIKED THIS SHOT GOOD JOB KRIS!! [Photo by Kris]

LYNN: Do you have any go-to food stops at the parks? Like, places you eat at almost every time you visit.
KRIS: The California Churro Cart in Downtown Disney, The Harbor Galley in New Orleans Square, and Pizza Port. There used to be a honey caramel corn in Critter Corner that was amazing but they got rid of it a while back. And the Uva Bar in Downtown Disney is a great place for dinner.


The churro stand. Take your pick! [Grape churro not pictured, because ugh] [Photo by Kris]

LYNN: Oh yeah, speaking of which, what’s your favourite churro flavour? Mine is probably the strawberry flavour.
KRIS: The strawberry one is really good, but weirdly I really like the grape one too.
LYNN: How dare you.
KRIS: I know, I’m disgusting.


Lynn’s recommendation: The Mickey-shaped beignets over at the French Market Restaurant. Cheap, warm, and not overly sweet! [Photo by me]

LYNN: What’s the most affordable snack at the parks? Or, you know, whatever gets you the most bang for your buck I guess.
KRIS: The giant turkey leg.
LYNN: I actually have yet to try that.
KRIS: For like, $11.33 plus tax, that thing can feed 2-4 people.
LYNN: What the heck
KRIS: It’s kinda messy to eat and you feel savage but like. It’s amazing.


Green tea and azuki-flavoured shaved ice, with a familiar face on top! [Photo by Kris]

LYNN: You recently went to Tokyo Disney, how was the food there different/similar?
KRIS: So, the Tokyo Disney food was amazing! The flavours are definitely more catered towards the Japanese taste, and there’s a lot of Japanese food around the park, obviously. The portions in Japan are smaller, but it’s okay because the food is cheaper and tastes hella good. There’re also a lot more small food carts that sell specific things. Like, in the US, there are a bunch of carts that sell popcorn, a bunch that sell chimichangas, and turkey legs, etc, but in Japan, there’s one cart for teriyaki chicken legs, one stand for shaved ice, one for a certain type of popcorn. Actually, speaking of popcorn, it’s like a cult or something.
LYNN: Popcorn cult?
KRIS: Yeah, there are tons of different flavours of popcorn and so many limited edition popcorn buckets. People walk around with their own popcorn bucket, sometimes multiple at once, and they’re all different. The flavours are different too, so like, only one stand will have black pepper popcorn, there are two that I think have butter and soy sauce flavour, and a honey-flavoured popcorn next to the Winnie the Pooh ride. When I went, they were selling a limited edition popcorn bucket that was Pooh on top of his blue balloon, like in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.


Churro funnel cake. Yes, I ate this. No, I don’t regret it. [Photo by Lynn]

LYNN: What did you think of our Grad Nite food extravaganza? Did you try anything new?
KRIS: The organization wasn’t the best, but we ate a bunch of different things, so that was good! I don’t think I tried anything new aside from the grape churro.


Cheers with refreshing mint juleps from the French Market Restaurant! [Photo by Lynn]

LYNN: Ew. Okay, to finish up, do you have any general tips for eating at Disneyland for the peeps?
KRIS: Well, people always say that eating at Disneyland is overpriced and etcetera but the food is pretty great. I personally wold just avoid eating the things that are pretty much the same everywhere, like pretzels, plain churros, and pizza. Try branching out and eating things that are different. I also prefer going around and eating snacks and sharing good so I can taste more things, rather than sitting down and eating a full meal. Like, grab a skewer from Bengal Barbeque, share a lobster roll from Harbor Galley, mooch some turkey leg off of friends and family. The sweets are also amazing, so you can grab a bag of toffee or a caramel apple on the way out to enjoy at home, because those are phenomenal.


An egg-cellent pork and vegetable rice bowl. [heh] [Photo by Kris]

LYNN: Sounds good! Any last notes?
KRIS: Oh yeah, another thing I wanted to say about Tokyo Disney food was that it’s very mickey-shaped and… other things-shaped. Way more so than in the US, at least. And generally, you walk around a lot, so don’t worry about the calories too much. Although, aside from the specialty-flavoured lemonades and stuff, drinking water is generally better because you can get a cup of water for free and stay hydrated.

– – –

Kris took some really incredible photos of the food available at Tokyo Disney during her trip, and although it’s technically not on the agenda, I’m going to share some of my favourites here! [Along with a couple of food photos from our Grad Nite adventures]


Mickey-shaped churro from Tokyo Disney [Photo by Kris]


Sea salt monaka ice cream [Photo by Kris]


Chili cone queso from the Cozy Cone Motel. Yes, those are Fritos. [Photo by Lynn]


Donald Duck [butt] mousse [Photo by Kris]


‘Sour White’ flavoured soda with Mickey-shaped boba! [Photo by Kris]

And that’s all for today! If you want to see more of Kris’ photography, check out her Instagram. She’s a really sweet and incredible person, and her feed is amazing as well!

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