How To: Find Time To Travel As A High School Student


High school life is busy. [Trust me, as a recent escapee of that life, I definitely know.] If you’re not actively in school or an extracurricular, you’re probably going to be studying or trying to make yourself seem like a more rounded person through, like, charity or something.

Although it may seem overwhelming at times, there are ways and reasons to find time to travel while you’re still in high school. That’s what this post is for! Please keep in mind that everyone’s experiences and situations are different, especially economically, and this post will consider time only.

1. Use those nice long breaks.
If you’re in the American public education system, you get weeks off in winter and spring in addition to three-month long summers and long weekends. Take advantage of that time! If you’re dependent, which you probably are, try to convince your family to take a little break, or even tag along with a friend on one of their vacations. [It may sound awkward to have to live with a different family for a few days, but trust me: it’s not that bad.] Whatever you do, try to avoid the oh-so-tempting staycations. C’mon, Netflix can wait for when you’re procrastinating on that English essay.

2. Take time to plan.

Look, I know that not every second of the week is spent doing homework and stressing about grades. If you have downtime, or even if you just need a break from that endless stream of busy work, open up an app, take a peek at your bucket list, and plan! Planning ahead is the best way to make sure your travel experience is top notch, and if you take the time to think through a whole trip on your own, your parents are way more likely to give you the ok.


3. Not every trip has to be a big adventure.
This is something that I wish I’d realized before. Look: if the weather is nice and you’re with people you like, a hike or a walk around town can be something special. [Even if it’s to catch Pokémon.] It doesn’t matter how small you think your town is: I guarantee that there’s something there that you haven’t discovered yet. Don’t use ‘oh, I’m not going anywhere this time’ as an excuse to just stay in bed all day – something that I am extremely guilty of! Get out there and do something! Remember, even if you go to Paris, if you have the wrong attitude, it’s just gonna be another boring day – only it’s you doing nothing in Paris rather than you doing nothing at home.

4. Speaking of which, have the right attitude.
I’m pretty guilty of doing that thing that teenagers are prone to do where we just act crappy because we feel like it. But hey, if you’re going on a trip that cost your family a couple thousand bucks, no matter how touristy or embarrassing, appreciate it! You get to spend quality time with your family as well as discover a new place, so try to keep a positive attitude, and you’re bound to have a better time.

feet circle

5. Friends can make anything more fun.
While family vacations are definitely worthwhile, they can also be kind of restricting. It’s not easy to be yourself when your parents are watching your every move, so if you’re able to plan a group trip, even a short one, with your friends, do it! High school is short, and you might not always be able to connect with your friends as much later on, so cherish the time you have together. 

That doesn’t nearly cover all the ways you can find time to travel while you’re still in school, but hopefully it’ll help you get the general gist! Of course, any and all questions are welcome: just leave them in the comments below or drop a line at 

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Thank you for reading, and have a great day!


8 thoughts on “How To: Find Time To Travel As A High School Student

  1. Michelle | michwanderlust says:

    I recently bummed out a much younger (college-age) friend by telling her that when you’re a student, you have time but no money, but when you start working, you have money but no time. I understand it’s even worse for people working in the US as they have relatively few vacation days compared to other parts of the world. If you have the means to travel as a student (whether through tagging along with your family etc), I’d definitely encourage it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fortyandeverythingafter says:

    A really great post 🙂 With the right attitude, so many experiences can be precious. I am lucky enough to have been on some big trips in recent years, but now I am craving something small, something I can treasure closer to home. Some quality time to appreciate some simple pleasures, rather than a big adventure. These moments can be just as special, and don’t have to take up huge amounts of time, or vast amounts of money. Just some time out to write, to cook, to walk in the countryside. That all sounds good to me right now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. franco_d says:

    It’s really great how you’ve highlighted that travel doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. Going out of your way to explore the next town over can be a special experience in it of itself. Keep up the good work ☝

    Liked by 1 person

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