China: Day 6: Stayin’ Smoggy in Shanghai

Okay, the title on this one is a tad bit unfair, but how can you blame me, when the view from the Shanghai World Financial Center was this:

dsjfs copy

Still, despite the less than optimal weather, Shanghai turned out to be something special. I’m a city girl to the bone and a modern urban center that’s as clean [and green] as Shanghai was bound to capture my heart from the start. [Just thinking about it is making me poetic.]


This was my view in the morning.

 We hopped a quick early morning flight out from Xi’an, and got to Shanghai in the afternoon, with enough time to grab a lunch in the gigantic food court of the Financial Center. I was even able to find some Korean food – this delicious bowl of naengmyun, a Korean cold noodle dish, had a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and salty and felt wonderfully refreshing!


After lunch, we got to ride an extremely alarming and fast elevator up to the top of the World Financial Center. Even though I rock climb, I’ve never really loved being up on tall buildings [*cough* The Empire State Building *cough*], so this was me:


Cue panicked noises.

Our group spent a good amount of time up on the observatory deck of the World Financial Center, which still managed to yield some gorgeous views of Shanghai’s legendary skyline despite the foggy weather.


We got the chance to walk around in the gorgeously cool weather outside as well. Maybe it’s because I’m from a region that’s notoriously dry and hot, but I’ve always loved cool, humid weather, and there was plenty to see from street level.


We had dinner in a hotel, and then went to round off the night with an acrobatics show at a local theater. The venue was clearly intended for foreign tourists, but the acts were pretty incredible, and we had a good time. [Photographs weren’t allowed during the show, unfortunately.]


And then it was off to our hotel for a night’s rest! The next day would be our last full day in China, and I already couldn’t believe how quickly the trip had gone by. Still, I was incredibly excited to see more of Shanghai!


The view from our hotel window at night!

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