China: Day 4: Morning at the Temple of Heaven

Nature does wonders for the soul.

We started our day at the Temple of Heaven. Every morning, senior citizens from all over the city come here to exercise, gamble, and more. Our group settled with just walking around and enjoying the natural beauty of the park.

trailtoh.pngWe reconvened with the rest of our tour for an early-morning tai chi lesson, which everyone sucked spectacularly at! I had a good time, though, despite being one of the most ungraceful people on the planet.


Of course, it helped that we had the massive and picturesque Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the background the entire time.


After the lesson and a few extra minutes to roam around and take pictures, we all boarded onto the bus one last time and said good-bye to Beijing. Then it was off to the airport with all of our things and onto the plane to Xi’an!


Rare candid of the Sweater Giraffe napping.

I was already missing Beijing, but I fell in love with Xi’an almost instantly. It’s a city that perfectly juxtaposes the ancient and the modern, and the sight of the Bell Tower lit up so beautifully at night was a breathtaking introduction to the city.

ftbsxian.pngWe started off the evening with a hot pot dinner, a style of meal where you basically just cook whatever you want [meat, vegetables, etc.] in your personal hot pot to eat! It was absolutely delicious, and I doused everything in sesame oil, which made it even better, of course.


Then, feeling happily warm and full, we went to get foot massages at a local parlour. I was in a room with my old Psych teacher and my friends, and all I can say is that it was a heavenly experience and that we were all pretty loopy afterward. It was weird. We have a bond now.


Then we all pretty much just passed out in our [massive] hotel room, already looking forward to our next day in Xi’an!


The view from our hotel room at night.

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