A Taste of Little Tokyo


On Monday, in the middle of 2nd period, I got a phone call from one of my friends asking if I wanted to go on a field trip with the Japanese class. Since I’m a burned-out senior who’ll take any opportunity to get my ass out of class, I grabbed my backpack and sprinted out of the PAC as quickly as my legs would take me.

I’m in Japanese 1 for fun, and every year, the Japanese classes take a day trip to Little Tokyo as a collective. I got my permission slip in too late this year, but thanks to a strain of the flu, I managed to worm my way onto the bus at the last minute anyway! [Albeit without a camera or any money, which is why I’m both out of money and presenting you with iPhone pictures.] Here’s how I spent the day.

We started out with a calligraphy demonstration at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in downtown LA. The demonstration was really interesting, as the speaker had grown up in rural Japan and had a diverse collection of calligraphy brushes to show us, with bristles made of everything from the ear hair of an elephant to the back hair of a horse fly. I even tried my hand at calligraphy myself for the second time in two weeks [we’d done something similar back in Xi’an] and, just like last time, I was terrible at it.


After the two-hour demo, we headed through the garden tended to by the members of the Cultural Center. It’s a small area, but beautiful and well-cared for.


Back in the main-ish courtyard area of Little Tokyo, we divided into groups to get our lunches. I got pork cutlet, or katsu, with a side of curry and rice.


Then it was some free shopping time before we had to head back to the bus! We spent a good amount of time in a little bookstore that some of my friends wanted to see, where I bought a mechanical pencil for my mother and not much else, because #broke. Then we realized we were running out of time, so it was lightning rounds through a bakery, a grocery store, and some other little food places.


Melon bread that my friends back at school promptly ate.


Cute imported candies to make up for the fact that I locked my friend’s lunch in my locker, and she couldn’t get to it all day because I couldn’t remember my combination.

Some of my friends also stopped by a mochi ice cream shop that I wish I’d known about, although I guess I’ll have to relegate myself to the store brand stuff for now. [Which is just as delicious, by the way!]


Peachy  ♥︎

And with that, our trip was a wrap! It was definitely a fun, sweet little day out with friends, and a good way to distract from the troubles that we’ve been having lately. I had a great time, and would love to visit again. [Mochi ice cream store, I’m coming for you.]

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That’s a lot of self-promotion in one post, but hey, I’ve been busy. Have a great day, and I’ll see you next time!


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