Trip Diary: Las Vegas: Days 3 & 4

Day 3:
You know those days where you actually manage to wake up at a normal hour, but stay in bed until around 12? This was one of those. After lounging around for at least 3 hours, we finally got up at noun, had a quick bite to eat, and then loaded into the car with my friend’s family to go check out some of the hotels around the Strip!

Las Vegas is a place where everyone seems to be competing to see who can make the biggest, grandest weird thing [and put up the most billboards for lawyers??] and the hotels are no exception. From the flashing slot machines to the extravagant indoor circus shows, there always seems to be something going on somewhere, so if you’re looking for something weird, Vegas is where you want to be.

We started by parking in Caeser’s Palace and then just walking down to the Bellagio. They have a lovely indoor themed garden there, and while I was expecting a corny Valentine’s Day set-up, they actually had a pretty neat display for Chinese New Year’s, complete with hungry [fake] monkeys. Insert suggestive peach emoji here.


Other than the monkeys, there were some lovely flower arrangements in a thematic red and some creepy dolls that I was genuinely too afraid to take photographs of, because of the off chance that they might steal my soul if I looked too closely.



2016-02-14 02.01.39.jpg

After taking some photographs, we decided to go to the chocolate and general desserts place that the Bellagio hosts, and ordered some fancy, expensive, delicious crepes and ogled some beautifully decorated cakes. There was a flatscreen directly above our eating area that played the same video of bakers doing seemingly impossible things with frosting and ganache on loop above us, which really added to the entire experience.



We walked around a bit more, mostly seeing some shops and such, and then went to go find our parking, this time venturing out into the streets. On the way, we caught the Bellagio’s hourly fountain show and got a decent spray.


We also, amongst other things, saw a street magician who was kinda just floating there. Through physics, of course, but still. [Note that the first photograph kinda makes it look like he has legs.]



Day 4:
To make up for yesterday’s more lax schedule, everyone woke up bright and early at 3 AM and hastily got ready to leave! I was so tired in the car ride home that I didn’t actually get any backseat pictures as has become my custom with longer road trips [:(] but I did manage to wake up long enough to catch a glimpse of the sun rising across the desert, and it was beautiful! If only I’d been awake enough to take a picture…

Annnd that concludes my Vegas adventures! It was definitely an eye-opening experience in terms of photography and how awkward I am around other human beings, but I had a lot of fun and am supremely grateful to my friend’s family for being generous to bring me along!

 I apologize for the delay between posts, and as always, would like to cordially remind any interested travel bloggers to read up on Travel On!, my travel bloggers networking initiative… thing. I promise it’ll be fun and not awkward at all! [Okay, maybe a little awkward.]


8 thoughts on “Trip Diary: Las Vegas: Days 3 & 4

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Chris,
    Are you a travel blogger? I thought of becoming one.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. I met you on his site. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip for two. That’s what I blog about.


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