Trip Diary: Las Vegas: Days 1 & 2


This past President’s Day weekend, I went to Las Vegas, NV, with my friend Joyce and her family! It wasn’t my first time in Vegas, but I got to see some new things and, despite not keeping up with my vow to update with daily trip diaries [again!],  I have a lot to share with you guys! Anyway, a late trip diary is better than none at all, so without further ado…

Day 1:
After packing everything pretty much last minute, I was picked up by my friend and her family, and after pulling ourselves together, we set out on our 5-hour journey to Vegas, leaving at around 2 PM and arriving in the city a bit after 8. [Okay, so 6-ish hours, then.]

We dropped by an Earl of Sandwich for a bite, and then wound up seeing the recently released Deadpool. [7/10] After getting picked up, we ‘broke in’ to a high school to catch a glimpse of the city by night. [Unfortunately, fence-hopping is a bad environment for fancy cameras, and I didn’t get any pictures, although I assure you that it was lovely!]

After that, we settled into my friend’s cousin’s house and went to sleep.

Day 2:
The next day, we woke up at a reasonable hour, had breakfast, and got ready to go to Circus Circus’ Adventuredome. It’s a pretty tourist-y mini amusement park, all indoors and covered in pink-tinted glass. [I felt like I had to mention that last part because all of my photographs came out pink-tinted as a result.]


I had a good time running around the park and exploring with my friend and her 9-year-old cousin! We even got in a round of laser tag, a game that always manages to turn me into a complete monster who wants nothing more than to beat a bunch of children.


There was a spot of trouble in terms of my camera bag – for one of the rides, I had to keep it clutched between my body and the safety bar while I prayed that my grip didn’t slip. We got a locker eventually, though, so it was all good.


Towards the very end of our day, we hopped onto the slower, calmer balloon ferris wheel [??] ride and took some dreamy, pink-tinted photographs of the light-studded balloons drifting by.


We were then picked up and went to prepare for the baby shower that my friend’s family was in town for. The food was incredible, and I ate so much that I felt like I was going to burst. [The horchata was especially addicting! I think I downed at least half a gallon of the stuff.]



And with that, we returned to home base to get some rest in preparation for Day 3. [Coming soon!]

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