Humpdate: Old Blog, Old Memories

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but while this blog is less than a year old, but I’ve actually been casually travel-blogging since 2014! On a whim, I went and dug up the deserted remains of my old blog, which was hosted by Blogspot and run by a younger, fresher me, who had no idea how to do all the delightful things that come with blogging, like constantly shoving my blog into my friends’ faces. [Sorry, guys. I love you, though.]

Normally, I would have deleted an old blog like this ages ago and buried it deep within my subconscious, but I actually find Giraffe Travels quite charming, and not all that different from my current blog. Same inconsistent posting schedule and attempts at dry wit, for sure. What’s more, this blog contains my actual day-to-day trip diary from my time in New York, which was a defining part of my life and not something that I just want to forget.


Plus, since I like to draw inspiration from myself, there are some pretty cute feature ideas on here! Where To? was a a great alternative to a bucket list, which is too much commitment for me, and daily Trip Diaries are something I definitely need to start doing again. It’s so much easier than the moment-by-moment style I’ve been keeping to, honestly.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m happy to report that my college stuff is more or less done! I even got accepted into my safety school 2 months early, so it’s good to know I have options, which is a nice way to say I’ll only go if they make it completely free or I somehow get rejected from every other college. I have a super busy couple of months in terms of travel–I’m not only embarking on a road trip to Vegas with my friend and her family, but I’m also FINALLY going to China in March! I’ve also lined up some guest post opportunities for a few of my friends who are going to a place very close to my heart [wink] in mid-March as well, so you’ll finally get to read the ramblings of someone other than my charming self.

If you’re a travel blogger who’s interested in connecting with other travel bloggers, check out Travel On!, a travel blogger’s network that I’m starting so we can all! Here’s the info!


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