Highlights: Snowmen & Friends

If you read my last post about Mammoth, you probably noticed a funny-looking snowman standing alone amongst the other winterscapes. While out ‘adventuring’ in the cold, my friend and I came across this fellow in an otherwise empty tennis court, with no idea who built him and why. He was otherwise quite well made, but lacking a bit in the head department. [And maybe it was the cold, but I was laughing at this thing for at least ten minutes!]


My friend decided to remedy that while I sat down in the snow and watched, camera in hand.


One of my goals for the trip was to build an igloo, or something vaguely resembling an igloo, but unfortunately, the snow was so powdery and fresh that it was almost impossible. It was a little bit disappointing, but I had enough fun throwing snow into the air that I didn’t mind that much.

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