Calling All Travel Bloggers


So, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a small travel blogger’s network for some time now, and I figured that the best way to start would be to begin getting interested bloggers in on it.

In other words, welcome to Travel On! [Name subject to change.] This will be a fairly informal group, mostly for sharing experiences and making friends, although we’ll definitely have some events going on [I have a few in mind.] Think of it as a sort of club, but exclusively for super cool travel bloggers.

We’ll be having meetings through Skype and/or Google hangouts, so to start, just email your name/nickname, a link to your blog, and your Skype username to Bloggers of all ages, locations, genders, and creeds welcome! The only rule is that about 90% of your content has to be travel-related, and you have to update at least twice a month. I’ll be checking!

I hope we can all become friends!

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