Hometown Blues

misty mountain

Generally speaking, I’m always the first person to say that I can’t wait to leave my hometown. To me, it’s always been stagnant and boring here, a place where nothing really ever happens and nobody really ever does anything. Which is fine; I know plenty of people who prefer the sleepy town life, but personally, suburbia just doesn’t cut it.

view2 copy

‘Shut up, asshole,’ the city whispers back.

Still, now that the prospect of college is looming nearer, I’ve been trying to spend more time getting to know the city I grew up in. Last month, I went on a hike in Wildwood Canyon. This month, to say goodbye to a friend who’s going off to college, we decided to have a picnic in a local park.


Picnic scenes: Currently unavailable. Thanks, wind.

Unfortunately, it had rained the day before, and the weather was pretty much out to get us. After the fiftieth cup of hot chocolate blew over and my favourite boots were permanently stained, we decided to phone it in and load up into our respective vehicles and take a drive around the city. [Luckily, I had my camera with me.]


‘The wind can’t find me in here’

Bundled up together in two warm, cozy cars, we drove up a hill somewhere to find a good view of the city. I’m always the weird one now because I have a compulsion to blog every second I spend outside of the house, but some of the pictures I got made the entire unexpected excursion worth it.


Eventually, however, it just got too damn cold, so those of us who didn’t have things to do went back and crashed at a friend’s place to watch Netflix and pig out on pasta, calling it a day. A windy, chilly, lovely day.

To cap it off with a quote, as per tradition, one of my friends says that ‘It was the most teenage thing I’ve ever done.’ 


Merry Christmas! I’m currently chilling in Mammoth, so expect some snowy posts soon.


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