Roaming Wildwood Canyon


I’ve been wanting to go out and take a hike in Wildwood Canyon for a while now, but my last attempt ended in dead camera batteries and awkward meandering around the woods. This time, I was much better prepared, and with a friend in one hand and a [fully-charged] camera in the other, I set out to see Paradise Falls.


Bridge club. Wait, oh my god, I should make a bridge compilation post and call it ‘Bridge Club.’

Today was beautifully clear out, but chillier than I was expecting, and I wound up being woefully unprepared for the chilly winds and lack of sunlight. [The canyon shades most of the trail.]

The trailhead we entered through was a hidden one in my old neighborhood, so there was the added benefit of running into about 3 strangers total while we were out. [Hooray for no awkward random people in my photos!]


Although the straightforward trail would have taken significantly less time, while hiking, we tried to stick with the path less traveled, stepping off the trail and climbing over trees and stuff. It was like being Lewis and Clark, but hotter.


Model: my friend


After about an hour or so, we reached our destination. Paradise Falls was lovely and chilly, and after a quick food/photo op break and a lot of mud and shivering, we set back off again to head home before the light left.


Goal: reached!

2015-11-25 03.21.55

The amount of mud I got on my shoes trying to get this shot is no joke.


The sun sets at around 5 PM nowadays here, so while waiting for our respective rides, we sat in a ditch to shield ourselves from the wind, and I managed to snag this last photograph of the sun just barely peeking out at us over the horizon.


This post has felt kind of ethereal and definitely more than a little bit pretentious, so in the name of keeping things as chill as possible on this blog, here’s a final quote from my hiking buddy:

“I feel like we seem like went on super cool hike and talked about life, 
but in reality we laid on a sewer thing and talked about cute theater kid.”

Cheers, and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! Hope your holidays are full of food, travel, and joy.


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