i was a week late so they took the senior wall down literally a minute after this picture

Here’s a quick rundown of things that happened last week:

I attended a high school football game! I got my senior photo taken! I instagrammed some stuff, I guess. Also, I’ve been hitting the book blog life pretty hard, and trying to keep up with my two-books-a-week-thing.

Oh, yeah, and I’m also turning eighteen in 3 days. 

It’s a weird big step feeling thing and I have no idea how to commemorate it, so expect a somewhat long and potentially mopey post about all that jazz later.

Short humpdate, but I’m sort of swamped in both college applications and other, miscellaneous applications at the moment, so once I’ve gotten a good chunk of those done, I’ll be right back to it, because this blog if one of the things my counselor told me to blog about on apps.

Happy Humpdate, and keep it up, fellow college-goers!

-The Sweater Giraffe

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