New [School] Year Resolutions



Okay, okay, so it’s technically not January first, but everyone knows that high school students’ lives start on the first of September. And that was yesterday, so I’m either a day late or four months early.

I’d already decided to make a bunch of changes to my habits and basically take care of myself better a while back, but I figured that listing them somewhere wouldn’t hurt! Here are some of the things I plan on doing or changing in my last year of high school.

1: Do homework.
I’m not sure if it’s laziness, forgetfulness, or a combination of both that’s forced me to fall into the habit of writing really fast so I could finish homework during five-minute break periods, but it’s not a great habit. This year has been the year of planners and note-keeping, and hopefully keeping on top of my assignments will also help me get good grades. [I can’t believe it took me 12 years to decide to do this.]

2: Sleep early.
I’m not great at sleeping. I need to get better at sleeping. Specifically, I need to break the habit of staying up on tumblr until 12 pm on school nights and waking up like a zombie in the morning.

3: Travel more.
I didn’t get to travel much at all this summer, which sucked, but I’ve got a huge trip [China 2k16 y’all] planned for next spring! I’m pretty much all paid, and only need to get my visa at this point, and I’m so incredibly excited to be going. I need to plan more trips, though, because this wanderlust is never going away.

4: Work more.
Unfortunately, life= money. And money=work. Therefore, I want to live, so I need to work. [See, I can be good at math!]

5: Spend less.
I have a book-buying problem. Or, rather, my shopping impulses come in phases. Clothes phase, makeup phase, book phase, exotic pet phase… Yeah, I definitely need to get that under control.

6: Blog daily.
Obvious one, here. This shouldn’t be as big of a deal, because I now officially have a ‘BLOG HARDER, BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER’ post-it note on my laptop’s screen, so I’m reminded every day. 

7: Vlog at least a little??
Most people aren’t even aware that I run a vlog, and that’s mostly because I went back and deleted most of my old videos a while ago. They were mostly about books and my personal life, but I’m definitely planning on sticking some travel-related things in there later… Maybe a travel Q&A with my readers here? The channel’s still there, but the only video present is that timelapse I shot of Yosemite a while back. On my phone. SPEAKING OF WHICH:

8: Use a real camera!!
I’ve fallen into the habit of using my phone to take pictures, even though I have a gorgeous professional camera at my disposal. Upping the quality of my blog is what this year is gonna be all about, and I need to stop thinking that carrying a camera around is embarrassing and use it! [Although it might be worth investing in a slightly lighter model, since the one I have is a tad heavy to lug around everywhere with me.]

9: Keep up with college stuff.
Yep, I’m officially in that phase of my life where everything is applications and deadlines. It’s scary and overwhelming, but I need to keep on top of things. Stay strong, me.

That’s it for my list Tell me your own personal new school year resolutions below!

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