Humpdate: Calm Your Mind

I’ve been reconnecting with Buddhism. Kind of. I’m listening to this mix of chants and mantras in an attempt to calm myself. Driving test anxiety continues to build.

On the plus side, I at least finished my mandatory 6 hours of professional training today!

It’s getting to that point in summer break where I’m starting to realize that I can’t relax anymore. College continues to vy for my attention. Hopefully I can ignore the call a bit longer…

I’ve actually been getting really into travel vlogs recently. I’ve dabbled in vlogging myself, but I’ve never been able to have a life or thoughts that were consistently interesting enough to keep it active. [Filming and editing videos of yourself talking about nothing is time consuming work!]

However, the idea of making travel vlogs really appeals to me. I’ve sort of been playing with the idea of going to Canada over winter break, depending on family and whether or not I can handle the cold, so if that ends up happening, I might vlog my experiences there! [We’ll see, I guess.]

Summer makes things way more lax… Short Humpdates are the norm now, guess.

Happy Hump Day, and see you next time!

The Sweater Giraffe

This week:
Currently Reading: American Gods, Neil Gaiman
Currently Watching: Once Upon a Time [again]
Currently Listening: Buddhism mixes on 8tracks

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