Coffee Musings: What The Hell Do I Write About Now?


If you haven’t already noticed, my posts have started to become… pretty inconsistent, actually.

I’m stuck in that awkward place where it’s summer break, I have too much to do, and I can’t take any more big trips this year, so I’m stuck waiting until next March for China, while futilely praying for $600 to fall into my lap so I can go to Ottawa over winter break, at least.

I have BIG PLANS for that China trip, though! I’m going to draw the things I see in a sketchbook, write poetry, make videos, shoot photos… It’s gonna be awesome. The only problem is, until then, I’m stuck writing about the three places I’ve visited in the last three years. Over. And over. And over again.

Which is part of why I’m working on things that are more on the ‘Wanderlust’ side, as well as some stuff that’s more informative. Language tips, customs, etc., of course [as I’ve posted about before], but also some stuff on the ‘places I’d like to go’ side.

Hopefully that will keep my blog from going stale before I have the chance to actively travel again!

Happy Sunday, and see you next time!

The Sweater Giraffe

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