Humpdate: Art Escapades & Rude Bus People


July 6th, 2015

Ahh! This is my first post in nearly three days!

School has really been throwing a wrench in my schedule [I’d forgotten how much I need to sleep] and it’s been difficult to try to keep up with things and earn enough money to eat, but I’ve been trying my best!

Lately, I’ve been taking the bus to and from school. Most people are quiet, and I usually try to sleep, but some are rude. Very rude. We had one encounter with a certain individual who got weirdly verbally aggressive with one of my classmates because he was talking about movies.

I don’t know why some people are rude to strangers, other than perhaps having problems in their own lives that are eating them up, but it really doesn’t justify being a total asshole to people you’ve never met before for no reason, quite frankly.

On a happier note, I’ve been drawing more and more lately. Sometimes I draw even when I shouldn’t, like, for example, at 12 at night, when I have school the next morning.

I’ve even dusted off the old Copic markers, many of which are in varying states of death. Replacement ink and nibs for the ruined markers are upsettingly expensive, which is why I’ve started taking art commissions. Hopefully I’ll be able to cover the costs with the revenue!

On the downside, all of the drawing, bus riding, and school…ing… has really eaten into my time to write and drive. [Speaking of which, ha ha, driving test anxiety]

That bit of complaining is really all I have for today: Happy Hump Day, everyone, and see you next time!

The Sweater Giraffe

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