Humpdate: Acting Classes and Post-Trip Blues

Upon my mother’s insistence, I recently started taking an acting class at a community college nearby.

On one hand, it’s been a rather fascinating experience. I got onto our local buses for the first time in my life. [I rode buses in New York City before I rode buses here??? What??] Commuting to a different city every day is certainly an adventure! Especially when the bus returning home leaves two minutes before class is normally scheduled to end….

Unfortunately, however, the class, which meets for three hours a day Monday through Thursday, has thrown a serious wrench into my schedule. I’m already anticipating at least one missed day due to oral surgery [ha ha ha ha no] and have had to reschedule my [already incredibly late] driving test to accommodate.

I’m not complaining, though: the class is fun, and I have plans to pursue a career in acting, even if it’s not necessarily theater. Any chance to hone the craft is good, and tuition was only, like, 20 bucks.

I’ve also been taking the class with one of my closest friends! So there’s that added plus.

Well, that’s all for my update. It’s been hot and I’ve been sweaty. Cheers, and Happy Hump Day,

The Sweater Giraffe

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