30 Things About Me

Hey guys! Still on the road. Meanwhile, enjoy a random questionnaire. 

1. Where are you from in the world?

USA! Specifically, Southern California [the town I currently live in is about a hour’s drive out from LA.] My parents are Korean immigrants, however.
2. Have you been overseas? When/Where?
Yes! I’ve traveled through Asia. I suppose Mexico doesn’t count because we’re technically connected to it, but I’ve been on a cruise there as well!
3. Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?
We don’t really had seasons here, lol. However, I do prefer winter, because summer = bugs. Mosquitos are… Drawn to my blood, apparently.
4. Summer or winter fashion?
ALL FASHION, ALL THE TIME. But summer fashion all the way! My frame has a tendency to get swallowed up by larger clothing. Either way, I tend to under-dress.
5. Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?
Europe! South America, too! Just everywhere, really, but that’s to be expected.

6. Name your essential makeup items for the beach
I actually am not a huge fan of the beach. It’s a travesty, I know. Still, I’d say sunblock and lip balm??? And maybe eyeliner. If it’s waterproof.

7. Are you currently saving up for a trip?
Yep! My payments for the China trip get sucked out automatically at a rate of $170 a month. I’m so excited to go, though!

8. Do you like/dislike travelling?
Yes! I even enjoy the part where I’m trapped in a giant metal can in the sky and cannot, no matter how hard I try, fall asleep.

9. Name a place in the world you would love to shop.
Probably somewhere where everything is ridiculously cheap. Korea is fun to shop though.

10. Who is your favourite beauty guru and where do they live?
I’m not sure I have one??

11. What accent in the world is your favourite to hear?
My best friend is Welsh and has a lovely voice, so I’m partial to Welsh accents. 🙂

12. How many countries have you visited?
Five, but I plan on seeing so many more. ❤

13. Why do you travel?
I’ve always felt sort of trapped here, where everyone is kind of the same?? So I travel in an attempt to break from my own mold and to try to expand my horizons and gain a better understanding and appreciation of how wonderfully diverse our planet is. Also, for personal enjoyment.

14. Favourite city or country?
New York City! It’s like this incredible mash up of so many different cultures and ways of life, and it’s so wonderfully chaotic. (I get bored with consistency, id you haven’t noticed.

15. Most memorable experience abroad?
In Korea, I lived in a Buddhist temple for almost a month. It became like a second home, and I’ll always treasure the memories I made there.

16. Best item purchased abroad?
I have a flea market problem, which involves spending on loads and loads of cheap, cute finds. My favourite has to be a pair of super-soft lace-lined shorts with kittens printed on them. They’re almost like fancy bloomers/pajamas?? And I love them.

17. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?
You have options. Everyone deserves to get the chance to travel if they want to. I know that your current life circumstances may make it seem like a far-fetched fantasy, but things can change, and you will get the chance to go out there.

18. Travel accessory you always pack?
Sunglasses. I have really sensitive eyes.

19. Can you recite your passport # from memory?
No, what.

20. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or automobiles
Cars for me! I don’t mind being holed up with people I love, as long as we can be loud. I can never fall asleep on planes, and I’ve never ridden a train long distance, so…

21. Top 3 Travel items?
Passport, toiletries, nice/comfy shoes. Boom.

22. Hostel or hotel?
Whichever’s cheaper and doesn’t have bedbugs?

23. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
Explooooooooore! Kind of to the point where it gets exasperating for others.

24. Do you read up on your destination for culture, history or safety or do you wing it?
I definitely read up on it. Even if it’s just the basics. I could never just wing it and enter a country without knowing their cultural background and history.

25. Favourite travel websites?
Blogs will always be my favourite resource. Reading about the places people have been/are in/want to visit is inspiring for me! Also, SkyScanner.

26. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? City and why?
Busan! There’s loads to do and it’s not quite a tourist hotspot yet, so you still have the opportunity to delve into Korean urban life.

27. You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?

28. Favourite landmark you have visited?
The Statue of Liberty was neat!

29. Beach holiday or travel/explore holiday?
Travel/explore, of course! Unless the beach holiday involves snorkeling in a place with lots of pretty fish but nothing poisonous. [Sharks = okay]

30. To travel is to…
Expand the mind and fully realize how vast and incredible this planet is, and how much it has to offer.

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