Creative Blogger Award


I was nominated for this award by the lovely gamjahouse. The rules state that I must share five facts about myself, and then go on to nominate five more people, so let’s begin!

1. I finished my first full-length novel in the seventh grade.

The manuscript I finished, which I started in the fourth [fifth?] grade was never published, although it did clock in at around 300 pages, which I was pretty impressed with when I first completed it. A few rewrites later, and I’ve turned that childhood story of mine into a novel that I feel is worth sharing with the world. Just a few more late nights with coffee and it’ll be PERFECT.

2. I’m an artist.

I love to draw! I actually co-run an adoptables ‘business.’ [here] We design characters together and sell them! ♥︎

3. I want to be an actress.

Acting isn’t the only thing I can imagine myself doing in the future, but it’s definitely one of the things that comes to me the most naturally. Oddly enough, my acting ‘career’ started with my high school’s Mock Trial program [which I am a 3 year veteran of, lol] where I won a district award in my second year for my role as a prosecution witness. I also took a theater class this year, which was quite fun! [I still get performance jitters at times though, ha ha.]

4. I’m really bad at math, even though I tutor in it.

Well, I’m mediocre. I can’t do much past basic geometry/algebra. But I still have to take Calculus next year. Shit.

5. I love animals.

Unless they’re worms. Or mosquitoes. Or flies. Other bugs are okay. [I ♥︎ spiders! My pet tarantula’s name is Lord Eldritch Fuzzybum.]

Now for nominations!

GlobeTrottingTeenTraverse, The Files of a Traveling Daydreamer, forthecurious, & 1journey1thought 

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