Seasonal Summary: Spring is Dead, Long Live Summer

Happy Promotion, RMS class of 2015!  

I sometimes think that I would like high school better if I spent less time there.

Then I remember that I probably wouldn’t, because they don’t even provide free food. What the hell, America.

But I digress. Today was the last day of school, and tomorrow ushers in a new era of warm summer sun and travel.

My view of the ceremonies  

Technically, the first day of the summer season is in nine days, on June 21st, but here in sunny SoCal, I’m already feeling the heat. Drought is everywhere. The fat black houseflies that mysteriosly disappeared during winter returned in a fury. (Seriously, how do they even manage to get in here??)

None of these people are my brother

The knowledge that the next three months are sort of my last real summer is both alarming… And something of a relief.

I’m going to be incredibly busy this summer season, both in terms of preparation for college, and, you guessed it: Writing. I plan on 2016 being a big year for me, and I’m determined to make it the biggest and best that it can possibly be.

There were so many people. And so much sun. Ugh.

You’ve probably gathered this from the photographs already, but my brother left middle school today. His words on the matter? ‘No big deal.’ As someone who didn’t even bother to attend her own eighth grade promotion, I can’t help but agree.

But I’ll be graduating from high school around this time next year, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry – I’ve made so many great friends and memories that it’ll be hard to let go, even though there are still times when I think that I hate my hometown. (I don’t hate you because you’re lame, dear TO. You’re lame because I hate you.)

School’s definitely gotten more bearable as of late, and while I’m excited for the things to come, I’m also incredibly worried. How will I afford college? How will I get into college? Will I survive traveling the world alone for a year?

Those are all questions I’ll have to face head-on eventually, but for now? Happy summer, guys.

Thank you so much for a great school year!

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