Trip Planner: China: Halfway There

Last December, my school chums and I signed up for a trip to China in 2016. Half a year later, and this is where I am now.

The trip is being hosted by EFTours, and my Psychology teacher and my friends’ Chinese teacher are our supervisors! The group is pretty small so far, consisting of around 10 people, most of whom I know and love, so it’s going to be incredibly fun!

The itinerary includes three cities [Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing] over the course of 9 days, with guided tours and visits to major landmarks, such as the terracotta warriors and the Great Wall of China.

But it’s not just the tour I’m excited for – I’m really pumped to be spending time with some of my best friends abroad, and see China for the first time together. [Well, I mean, one of them’s been to China multiple times, but I digress.]

Every time I go over the itinerary, I get a jolt of energy. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for ages, and I can’t believe it’s less than a year before we get to go!

Now I just have to find ways to pay off the rest of the trip. [It automatically sucks $169 out of my bank account monthly. I haven’t bought new clothes since December.]

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