10 Things I’m Excited For This Summer

Okay, so I’m actually not that excited. Don’t judge.

For the past two years, I’ve felt more than a bit lackluster about summer holidays. Usually, the weeks leading up to freedom are fraught with anticipation, but nowadays I find myself with an ugly, constant feeling of nausea. (There’s probably a Freud-style psychological explanation for that, but whatever.)

BUT SUMMER IS HAPPENING!! (Whether I like it or not.) And, seeing as it’s my last real summer as a pawn of the public education system, I figured I might as well break my own silent rule just this once… And make a Top 10 list for the things I’m excited for this summer.

1. School’s out. I mean, that’s a solid 45 more hours free for me weekly. I’m going to be able to sleep SO MUCH MORE.

2. I’m going to San Francisco. Even if it’s for college tours, it’ll be the first time I step out of the SoCal bubble since New York last year… And the maiden voyage of this blog. [I actually think I’ll be going twice–once for school and again for fun!]

3. I have loads of other small trips planned. From camping in Yosemite to summer fun at the county fair, I’m making sure my break is jam-packed! (And yes, I’ll be featuring everything on my blog. I don’t get out that much during the school year, okay)

4. I might go to Ottawa??? This one’s a big maybe. Unexpected complications with my uncle’s family have kind of thrown a wrench into my plans, but if I do wind up going, it’ll be my first time out of the country since Korea and my first time back in Canada since I was a baby. Plus, it would be my first time in Ottawa, period. I have a soft schedule for mid-August.

5. I’m taking a road trip with friends! Or, again, I might. We’ve come up with an idea for a California road trip that may or may not come to fruition, but I like the idea of seeing more of my home state.

6. Amusement parks! If I don’t go to Disneyland at least once this summer and take pics, I’m a failure.

7. I’m going to be spending tons of time out and about with my friends. From food field trips to LA to fair days, we’re rollin’.

8. Summer movies! Not gonna lie, I’m a total nerd about upcoming summer blockbusters along the vein of Jurassic World, and yes, even freakin’ Ant-Man.

9. I can finally work on my novel. This is it–the summer I plan to start passing my manuscript around. I’m so excited! And scared. Mostly scared.

10. GRAVITY FALLS IS COMING BACK. [Don’t judge me.]

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