Coffee Musings: Is Traveling a Necessity?

[I wish I had a stereotypical airplane wing shot to put here.]

I’ve discussed something along these lines before, so here’s the short answer: No. It isn’t. As much as people who enjoy traveling say otherwise, you don’t need to do it. And many people don’t.

Whether it be out of economic concern, health issues, or just lack of motivation or desire to get up and go somewhere, plenty of people live their lives without stepping foot out of their hometown. Full lives, too. As travel becomes more accessible, though, it’s becoming more common, especially in Western societies, to look down on and pity people who’ve never gone anywhere.

I have friends who’ve never gone camping, never seen snow, or never left the state/gone much further than a certain point on the map. And I pity them, even though I wish I didn’t, because who the hell am I to judge people like that? I lead such an incredibly privileged life, and I have no right to feel sorry for people without the same silver spoon in their mouth.

However, the difference there is that many of those friends of mine do have a desire to set out and see the world: and as they reach the college-hunting age, that’s becoming more and more apparent. I’ve personally taken it upon myself to try to cram in as many fun things as possible: summer camping trips, anyone?

Regardless, certain life experiences aren’t necessary, and it doesn’t make you less of a person if you haven’t experience them, or never want to experience them. I’m working on being less judgmental, but shouldn’t society also be changing its skewed view of what a full life is?

Because in the end, not everyone wants what you want, and not everyone views traveling as a necessity.

Happy Sunday & Lots of Love,


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