Eating Abroad At Home: Jump into Summer with Korean Patbingsu


A delicious [and huge!] patbingsu I enjoyed in Seoul, 2013

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I actually quite enjoy cooking. [I’m just not super great at it, since I have a hard time following recipes like a normal person.] So, I figured I’d start a new segment: making dishes from around the world right here at home.

Today’s dish is patbingsu [팥빙수], a Korean frozen dessert that was a childhood favourite of mine and that I still love for those warm summer days! The great thing about this shaved ice dish is that the you can basically add whatever you want, and it will still taste amazing.

There are basically hundreds of thousands of variations on the recipe, but the following will be how my dad’s been making it for my brother and me for the past seventeen years. [+ some condensed milk, because DANG]

I usually buy rice cakes and cooked pat for this, so the recipes for both on here were very helpful.


Okay, so electric ice shavers aren’t a food ingredient, per se, but they’re a necessity, aren’t they?

Condensed Milk [optional: works with normal milk]
Cooked pat, or red beans [you can buy it canned in Korean markets, but if you do plan on making your own, keep in mind that it takes a few hours!]
Shaved Ice [electric shavers run pretty cheap on the internet]

Teeny tiny rice cakes
Various fresh fruits!
Ice cream
+ anything else your heart desires

Now let’s cook!

My electric ice shaver!

My electric ice shaver!

1. Start prepping your beans and rice cakes, if applicable. [If you’re making these ingredients fresh, put them in the freezer for a little while so that they don’t melt the ice right away! ♥︎]

Making these felt like a scene out of Breaking Bad for some reason.

Making these felt like a scene out of Breaking Bad for some reason.

Beans being washed...

Beans being washed…

2. After all of your ingredients are prepped, shave your ice!

2015-06-03 21.20.13

3. Start throwing shit in. [My ice start to melt, so I just shaved some more ice on top]

[ew, countertop shine]

Condensed milk + milk + the cooked beans! [ew, countertop shine]

4. That is literally all! Adjust to suit your needs, throw some fresh fruits and rice cakes on top… Or cookies. Literally whatever. Serve immediately and enjoy!

2015-06-03 21.26.10

Hope you enjoyed this! Requests for other foods are welcomed and encouraged.

Have a great weekend!

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