Highlights: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I love museums. Love them.

Oddly enough, despite being an artist, I usually find art museums to be a bit dull. [Mostly because you can’t touch things]

However, in retrospect, that’s probably because I was raised in an area where the science museums were infinitely more interesting and interactive than the… Getty? {Does LA even have art museums? No, don’t answer that}

But then we visited the Met. It was only for around an hour or two, but we didn’t even get to cover the ground floor–that thing is massive, and requires at least a day to explore fully, something I definitely intend on doing next time I’m in the city. [I didn’t even get to see the fashion exhibits because I didn’t know they existed!!! Travesty.]

The following pictures are some of the highlights of our visit, along with, as usual, bits and bobs of other people. I was moving so quickly that I didn’t even get to grab the names or artists of like 99% of these, so if you recognize any of the pieces, just let me know so I can label them accordingly!

This one kind of looks like a Monet

This one kind of looks like a Monet

2014-08-10_1407685391 2014-08-10_14076816162014-08-10_14076852822014-08-10_1407682987



[Happy June!]

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