Behind the Snapshot: Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel & My 5 Seconds of Fame [Not Really]


Coney Island Wonder Wheel

On our last day in New York, we rode out to Coney Island and spent a blissful, warm afternoon there, eating hot dogs with a surplus of chili and sipping on frozen lemonades as we wandered Luna Park, trying whatever ride suited our fancy.

We never actually went on the famed eccentric Wonder Wheel–mostly because our bracelets didn’t cover the ride, but I did get a few shots of the many-pronged behemoth keeping a watchful eye over the park-goers. I posted two of these on Instagram.

About twenty minutes later, I received a notification: The Coney Island Instagram account had liked my photo! Okay, so it wasn’t exactly life-changing, but it was a nice finish to trip, and gave me a semblance of self-accomplishment, even if it was one of those automatic things. Shhh. Let me have my moment.

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