Nostalgia Bomb: New York City & Being a Fledgling Blogger


Times Square in the evening, 2014

Shockingly enough, although it’s still Week 1 on this particular blog, I’ve actually been travel blogging for nearly a year now!

I started my first blog over on blogspot in 2014 so I could have a place to record my college-hunting/touristy trip to New York in 2014 on the fly; most of the posts are clipped and noticeably rushed and every photo was taken on my phone, but I still like to look back on those first posts and remember that trip, and my… naïvety? I guess?

Central Park, 2014

Central Park, 2014

     Of course, I’m still super young and far from an experienced blogger, but I feel that in terms of content creation and blog management in general, I’ve taken some big steps. [For example, posting more consistently and frequently. I made less than 20 posts on the original blog in 11 months. Definitely learned from my mistakes there.]

Either way, that trip to NYC was a defining moment in my life. It was the first location I’d ever really chosen on my own. It was also when I discovered that travel blogging was a thing, and realized that I could write about my experiences instead of just attacking my Instagram followers with pictures of Korean food.

Traveling with my mother and brother proved less painful than I’d imagined, even though it did put any fantasies of just roaming the city on my own to a grinding halt. [She’s obsessed with schedules! Not necessarily a bad thing, just very different.]

As a result, and as a first-timer to the city, we saw all of the big tourist-y sites, like the Statue of Liberty, where I took some fairly embarrassing selfies and had a grand ol’ time hopping between tour buses. But we also took some extra downtime to really delve into the nooks and crannies of the city; some of my favourite places in the city were random restaurants and stores that you would never expect to find in New York.


Me in front of the Statue of Liberty! In matching sunglasses, no less.

  Basically, I pinpointed my dream college [NYU!], let myself be a tourist, took way too many pictures on Instagram, and fell in love with a city that was nothing like I’d ever seen before. And it was fantastic–I can’t wait to spend time in the City that Never Sleeps again, and hopefully my next visit will be as a collegebound student!

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